Attention Students,

Do you good writing skills?

Ever had thought of writing but don’t have the means to or a place to promote it?

Announcing our ‘We Talk’ blog corner on our website.

Blog writing is a sought -after skill in today’s times. Everyone from Journalists to Chefs have blogs written by themselves or professional writers. It is a great tool to make oneself heard.

Our students are our assets and we want to make your voice heard. We are seeking creative, inspiring and forward-thinking blogs from our very own students.

Each and every blog will be published!

  • Topics and Blog ideas will be shared below.
  •  All curated Blog entries will be published on our school website- , or (Depending on your school)
  • Please specify the name and area(Nandivali/Ambernath) of your school in the blog along with your name and grade.
  • To become a Published Blog Author, send in your entries between 15th August and 30th September 2019( for St. Mary’s) 15th August and 15th October 2019 (For Arya Gurukul) and to or upload@stmary’ (According to your school)

Terms and Conditions-

  1. Any student (7th to 10th std) of St. Mary’s or Arya Gurukul can participate in this competition. Let the thoughts Flow!
  2. There are no restrictions on the number of Blog entries. You may send one or more entries.
  3.  No Plagiarised material will be allowed. No Copy – Paste Please!
  4. Please stick to the topics shared.
  5. Entries must be in English only.
  6. No responsibility for late, incomplete, corrupt or lost entries will be accepted.

Topic Ideas for the student blogs – ‘We Talks’

  1. If you were a routine blogger? What would you blog about? Food, health tips, Movies, Sports, Travel? Show us a sample
  2. Everyone in the world has a way of perceiving things. We call this a mindset. You have a mindset, your friends have a mindset, and your teacher has a mindset.
    We can choose to look at the world in a way that makes us feel strong and happy, or in a way that makes us feel frustrated and weak. Discuss how we can change from fixed to growth mindset with simple words and phrases.
  3. Healthy competition – Is it a fact of a Myth? Describe a time in your life when you incorporated this in your attitude.
  4. Start- Ups are the new buzz word. If you were to introduce your own start-up, what would it venture into? Let’s brainstorm and come up with some innovative ideas.
  5.  You- Tubers and Instagramers are bringing about change and making a difference. Remember the movie ‘Secret Superstar’? What do you think about this new trend in the social media space? Recount if any one inspired you or anyone you follow.
  6. Home is where the heart is. Can you describe a day spent with your family?
  7. Demonetization- Express your views about this phenomenon and its impact on people you know.
  8. Shree. Narendra Modiji and Mr. Modi- One man many boots. What is your opinion about his Global Image?
  9. GST- Your Understanding, Facts and Opinions.
  10. Given a choice would you be a student in India or in any other country?
  11. Let’s discuss the future of our Dynamic country- India.
  12. Let’s Debate! Pick a topic of your choice, back with up with facts and proof and present an enriching read.
  13. We have one life to live and we play different roles each day, how would you describe your day as a student.
  14. Some things go beyond the classroom. These are topics, discussions, subjects that are unforgettable and shape your thought process. Please share if you’ve experienced any such interesting topic.
  15. The World is your canvas. Please paint your travel experiences for your friends and teachers. Tell us about the places you visited.
  16. Please share your views on Technology. What difference has it made in your life? Can you describe a day without technology? What would you do?
  17. Hard facts, Of the people- By the People, News that matters- Several claims are made by the media. What do you think about it? What suggestion would you give to the news channels on TV?
  18. A quote that inspires you or is applicable to what you are learning. (Explain why you chose the quote and what it means to you).
  19. Among the surge of Movies and Books around you, is there a particular character that is unforgettable? Tell us more about that character and what impact it has made to you.
  20. Art is Inspiring! But sometimes a particular author or painter leaves a deep impression. Please share your views if you feel the same about a particular Author or painter.
  21. Tell us about all the things that were a part of your growing up- Folk songs from your native place, stories, culture- which you want to see continuing.
  22. Study plans to prepare for exams and tests (Flow charts, Diagrams, videos and writings to create a post that your classmates can use) Please share Tried and tested methods of organizing your study time.
  23. We all have preferences. Let’s compare and expand our knowledge- Football v/s Cricket, Mumbai v/s Delhi, Films v/s Books or similar topic.
  24. With great Power comes great Responsibility! What would you do if you were the Principal for the day?
  25. The world is our classroom and learning happens in many ways. What is your idea of a perfect classroom?
  26. India and Cricket are synonymous. What would be your pep talk to the Indian cricket team for the next match? Can you imagine yourself as the captain for the Indian Cricket team? What would your day be like?